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Check out the resources below for ideas of how to use the association list.

Using the List
(Note: The only database you have access to via this subscription is the Associations List.)
General Introduction & Simple Search Function
Quick Search Demo
Subject Search Demo
Expert Search Demo
Save Search & Save Results Demo
How CAPS members have used the association list


When you log in, you will see a search box in the middle of the screen.  On the left you have a drop down box where you can choose to search by phrase, all words that you type in or that the record contains some of the words you type in.  You would then enter your keyword(s)/phrase in the space provided and hit the magnifying glass to search.  However, this would give all records matching the criteria.  I would suggest clicking on advanced search, where you can further filter your results.

First you can select a field to filter on.  You would pick the filter you want to use.  Please note only common and association list filters are available since your subscription is only to the association list.  You would complete the variables and CLICK THE ADD BUTTON.  You can add as many field criterias as you like.  You just need to specify whether you want all criteria to apply (AND) or one of the criteria to apply (OR).

Lastly, you can select only records that contain headquarters, email, telephone, URL, fax, awards, publications or conferences, by checking the appropriate boxes under the “Select only records with:” section.

Exporting data from the List
(Please note that there is an additional charge for downloading records of $0.15/record.  Each contact is considered one record.)
Exporting Demo
GreyHouse Export Instructions – Example 1
(Opens as PDF)
GreyHouse Export Instructions – Example 2 (Click thumbnail below for larger version)
Greyhouse Export Instructions - Example 2