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Fall 2014 Program Overview

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The CAPS Ottawa Fast Track Speaker’s School assists individuals who are committed to becoming professional speakers, workshop leaders, trainers or facilitators. The program’s primary focus is on the business of speaking. Elements of the program work together to provide a broad range of support, information and accountability to help begin to develop the key pieces required for a speaking business.

The Fall 2014 CAPS Ottawa Fast Track Speaker’s School is a comprehensive 90 days +/- program starting on Saturday September 13th, 2014 and run biweekly from that day on following Saturdays of the month (unless otherwise noted) from 8:00 am start time and wrapping up NLT 3:00 pm.

Learning Sessions are crucial to your professional development. By completing FT Session Assignments you will better be able to make progress throughout the program. Once you have purchased your ticket you will board the train. The train will be making 6 stops:

Your ticket gets you on the Fast Track train and ready for DEPARTURE ON Sep 13th, 2014
STOP #1:  Sep 13th, 2014 – Choosing Your Lane & Expertise
STOP #2:  Sep 27th, 2014 – Business Set Up & Organization
STOP #3:  Oct 11th, 2014 – Branding & Marketing
STOP #4:  Oct 25th, 2014 – Your Speaker One Pager & Website
STOP #5:  Nov 8th, 2014 – Sales & Defining Your Fees
STOP #6:  Nov 22nd, 2014 – Presentation Skills
ARRIVAL: Nov 26th, 2014 – Graduation…showcase celebration

During each stop Professional Advisors will be boarding the train. Professional Advisors are senior CAPS members who will provide additional expertise within a specific lane or topic. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of these seasoned speakers’ wisdom and experience.

The Graduation is a showcase celebration and completes the CAPS Ottawa Fast Track Speaker’s School. This event will be held in November at a secret location from 6:00-9:00 pm. Participants will be presenting a 10-15 minute keynote and receive their certificate of completion.

Accountability is an important part of the program. Participants are expected to keep agreements with, the CAPS Program Coordinators, the CAPS Professional Advisors and CAPS Ottawa Secretariat.

The Participants different skill levels are acknowledged. Although the Fast Track participants pursue similar tasks, they are achieved at the level best appropriate for them.

CAPS Ottawa is committed to helping its members and Fast Track participants to grow and develop as a result of their efforts and participation.

To reserve your ticket or ask questions in regards to the Fall 2014 CAPS Ottawa Fast Track Speaker’s School call: JJ Brun at (613) 290-3472 or email at info@jjcommunications.com

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Download the application form:
Fall 2014 CAPS Ottawa Fast Track Speaker’s School- Application Form

Download an extended Fast Track Speaker’s School Program Overview:
 Fall 2014 Fast Track Extended Program Overview

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