Grow Your Business, Grow Your Life Webinar Series – for Members only – Presenter: Kindi Dulai-Gill

Kindi Dulai-Gill PhotoHOW TO ACCESS EFFORTLESS LIVING – after Pushing Yourself Too Hard with Mental Exhaustion!

What can CAPS members expect? 

Kindi will share innovative information about how to lead yourself out of pressure. She will bring insights to how fulfillment is accessed that is beyond the last successful “project”, relationship, career outcome, or health desire.

Effortless living comes from stepping into greater silence, and not the mind that strives to be a “somebody”. This information will help us to step off hamster wheels that drain us, but instead be taught how to fuel ourself with renewed energy that comes from beyond!

How will the information be of value to them as speakers?

As speakers this information will help you to grow into the next stage of your personal evolution. The information being shared is advanced and a “must” for thought leaders that truly wish to see change for themselves and for a better tomorrow.

What value can they expect for their business and their lives? 

In your business, application of this information will bring greater ease and flow that is supported by the universe.

In your personal life this information will grow your self awareness, increase your consciousness, which will bring in greater harmony, compassion and unity.

In short this is the path to becoming  “Zorba the Buddha”- one who loves life and enjoys all the luxuries but at the same time has reached the peak of human evolution.


Kindi Dulai-Gill is one of the worlds’ foremost Family Transformation Coaches, who specializes in helping Executives to create harmony and balance in their lives. She presents Leadership and Empowerment Training to Eliminate Unconscious Bias/Triggers/Judgments and is a sought after Professional Speaker.

A former CEO (workaholic) of a private company, responsible for 3000 people nationally in the UK, she has 30 plus years of experience in leadership and its’ associated gruelling stress. Kindi is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers – a Board Director for the Vancouver Chapter since 2016 and President Elect for 2018.

In 2008, it became apparent to Kindi that all her mind based training was not enough to help her to lead her own family life into harmony. She then began to explore deeper and enjoyed “Life Changing” evolution, facilitated through the groundbreaking Dalian Method. This is a complete multidimensional process offering lasting transformation at every level for human wholeness. In 2015, Kindi was inspired to be trained as a facilitator of the Dalian Method and Spark Expansion Consulting ltd came into existence.

When not helping her many clients internationally, Kindi enjoys keeping an eye on her constantly transforming family of three children and husband. For relaxation, she loves to travel, dance and take photographs. In her quiet reflective moments Kindi enjoys writing poetry fuelled by inspiration from her own evolution. She moved from the UK to live in Vancouver in 2006 and now travels worldwide helping people to evolve into greater consciousness and self-awareness expansion.

Visit www.KindiGill.com to find the most proactive ways of leading your life consciously. Our natural potential for fulfillment lies in first knowing who we are!


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November 13, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Online webinar


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