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Would it be helpful to have online access to over 20,100 association leads in Canada? I mean contact names, emails, size, conference info and budgets etc. This is available to you for a year for a one-time fee of $58 ($110 for non-members).

Updated: The 2018 edition of the Association Directory has updated contact info, budgets AND information on meetings and conferences.

Compliance: Because this is public information, using contact information from the directory will enable you to remain compliant to  Canada’s “Anti-Spam “legislation (CASL).

Search ability: You can quickly search by 8 different criteria budget, geography, type etc…

You can research budgets, contacts, phone numbers, sizes and conference dates of associations. You can even cut and paste information into your own contact list. That is free with your subscription. The subscription lasts until February 2019. Sample information is available here www.greyhouse.ca/assoc.htm . Alternatively, if you want to download a bunch of names and contact information to your own contact list, the additional cost is only 15 cents for every name you download. (No minimum) and use them as often as you wish.

If you want to reach Canadian Associations, join us now and pay your $58 ($110). Click here to sign up.

The CAPS Ottawa administrator will follow up shortly with your username and access code. Then you can start mining the lists.

An individual subscription to this fabulous list of potential business is available directly from Grey House Publishing for a cost of $449. However, the Ottawa CAPS chapter has arranged to have this joint subscription for a cost of only $58 each. Yea CAPS!

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The 2018 Edition includes

  • Over 20,100 Associations
  • Over 1,940 conferences/shows/meetings included
  • Over 5,457 publications – With details such as editor names, frequency, and submission information, this data is a valuable, go-to source to research the publications that will best get your message out!
  • 33,708 executives – making this edition of Associations Canada one of the most extensive, contact-filled databases to date!

Want ideas of how to use the association list? Check out our knowledge library.

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